06/20/2014 new!! postscript;papier-pierre-ciseaux

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Japan Expo 2014

Parc des Expositions Paris-Nord Villepinte FRANCE

booth number : Hall 6 stand CN27

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06/20/2014 new!!

I will play a game called a janken(*papier-pierre-ciseaux) convention every day 18:30.
A rule is very easy.
I have you play a janken by you who are present at the time with me or a chairman.
It cannot play a janken and the person who lost cannot participate in the next janken.
Please play a janken with a chairman until the person who won by janken loses.
and which wants to deliver and receive a premium to one persons who remained to the last.
(It will hold the same times as the premium.)
The premium is preparing something different items every day.

2014 new!!
<papercutting art Touhou Tarotcard>

<Esquisse(drawing character as your request)>


Je peux dessiner des esquisses de vos personnages favoris, qu'ils soient de Manga, Anime, Jeux video etc.
Pour ce faire, veuillez apporter des images de references, ceci me permettant d'avoir une vision globale du personnage.
Je peux tout aussi bien dessiner des personnages originaux a votre demande,
en sachant que plus votre description est precise, plus il sera plus simple pour moi de faire une esquisse qui convient a celle ci.

Afin que tout le monde puisse avoir la possibilite de faire une demande de shikishi,
une lotterie sera mise en place au lieu d'une file classique.
Celle ci sera organisee chaque matin et chaque apres midi durant les 4 jours de la convention.
Elle est bien entendu gratuite, et vous n'aurez qu'a payer pour la commande de Shikishi.

Veuillez noter les conditions suivantes pour la lotterie:
-Si vous avez gagne, vous ne pouvez plus participer a une lotterie durant le meme jour. En d'autre termes, un Shikishi par personne par jour.
-Si vous avez perdu, veuillez attendre la lotterie suivante.
-Les tickets gagnants ne peuvent etre donne a une tierce personne. Ils seront nominatifs.

Si vous avez un (des) Shikishi vierge(s) pour votre commande, j'en vous serais tres reconnaissante!


I can draw Esquisse sketch of your favorite characters, be it from Manga, Anime, Video Games, etc.
For this, please bring source pictures so that it would give me a global view of the character.
I can also draw original characters upon your request.
Bear in mind that the more detailed your description is, the more likely I can draw a sketch fitting your expectations.

In order to give a fair chance for everyone to make a shikishi request, a lottery will be set instead of a regular queue.
It will be organized at each morning and each afternoon for the whole duration of the convention. Of course,
it will be free and you will have to pay only for the shikishi request.

Please note the following conditions for the lottery:
-If you've won, you cannot take part of a lottery for the same day. In other words, one shikishi per person per day only.
-If you've lost, please wait for the next lottery
-The winning tickets cannot be handed to anyone else. They will be named after the winners.

If you have any blank shikishi with your for your request, I would greatly appreciate it!


Shikishi is like this.↓
About 27cm×24cm white card board.
I heard it can get in France.

Request Example:Jay from Tales of Legendia

"Esquisse"is like about this(at JE2011).

Thanks to Klashikari!!

<actual papercut arts>

Every illustration was made by cutting black paper.
Let's touch them!

<a transparent print of a papercut art>

The reproduction in the above article.
It was printed in a transparent film.
It through the lights like a color glass.

<Tanabata festival>

"Tanabata" est la fete japonaise des etoiles.
C'est a generalement lien de 7 juillet.
Les japaonais celebrent atte fete en decorant les fenilles de bombou.
On ecuit norte souhaits,parfois sous fernede poemes,sur un petit papier(Tanzaku).
Apres on dit que les roeux deriement realite.


We cerebrate the Tanabata festival in every 7th of July, which is the festival for Chinese myth of stars.
We put a bamboo and hang a small paper(written own wishes) on it.
It is said to be believed the wish will become true if the that day would be sunny.

Why not try to "wish upon a star" in Japanese way?:)


(Please downlord a movie file from here and show. It's a quicktime form movie.)

A tout de suite!

This page special thanks to Klashikari and my friends.

Paper cutting and Japanese brush art