◆My booth information in Japan Expo 2012 at Paris!◆

Japan Expo 13
booth number : DP-30

Let's meet again with you in Paris...!

★about exhibitions★

<Esquisse(drawing character as your request)>

I can draw a picture of any character as your request HERE.
It would be great help to draw if you have some sample pictures.
(because some of them are not sure for me..sorry)
I can make it even if your original one in that case.

-Je vais repondre favorablement a une demande
personnage de ANIME,MANGA,JEU VIDEO...
(Si je ne sais pas la personnage qui vous me demandez,,,pardon!)
--> documentez-moi!
Your original calactor is also O.K!!

!Une demande sur Esquisse !

If you can,I want to take your blank "Shikishi"to me at your turn.

Shikishi is like this.↓
About 27cm×24cm white card board.
I heard it can get in France.

"Esquisse"is like about this(at JE2011).

Thanks to Klashikari!!

<actual papercut arts>

Every illustration was made by black paper cut.
Touhou,Umineko no naku koroni etc...
Let's touch them!

<a transparent print of a papercut art>

Reproduction in the above article.
It was printed in transparent film.
It through lights like color glass.

<Tanabata festival>
There are the pictures of last year.(Look pictures!)

We cerebrate the Tanabata festival in every 7th of July, which is the festival for Chinese myth of stars.
We put a bamboo and hang a small paper(written own wishes) on it.
It is said to be believed the wish will become true if the that day would be sunny.

Why not try to "wish upon a star" in Japanese way?:)

"Tanabata" est la fete japonaise des etoiles.
C'est a generalement lien de 7 juillet.
Les japaonais celebrent atte fete en decorant les fenilles de bombou.
On ecuit norte souhaits,parfois sous fernede poemes,sur un petit papier(Tanzaku).
Apres on dit que les roeux deriement realite.


Paper cutting and Japanese brush art